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Every year Luxury Yacht Maldives organizes the already well known ‘Scientific Cruise in the Maldives’ in cooperation with the International School for Scientific Diving (ISSD Onlus) and the our special guests:
• Prof. Paolo Colantoni  (marine geologist – Professor at the University of Urbino, Italy)
• Prof. Carlo Nike Bianchi  (marine ecologist – Professor at the University of Genoa, Italy)
• Prof. Carla Morri  (marine biologist – Professor at the University of Genoa, Italy)
• Prof. Francesco Luigi Cinelli  (marine biologist – Professor at the University of Pisa, Italy)
• Doc. Massimo Sandrini  (marine geologist)
• Doc. Monica Montefalcone (marine ecologist- Researcher - University of Genoa)
This scientific cruise offers a unique chance to closely observe the study methods of the researchers from Genoa University, the International School for Scientific Diving, the Centre of Marine Tropical Ecology of CoNISMa (Italian National Inter-University Society for Marine Science) and the Genoa Aquarium, who, for many years, are examining in depth the origins and the evolution of the complex systems forming the coral reefs. 
Particular attention is paid to the reef health monitoring and to the recovering of reefs after the effect of coral bleaching (due to an abrupt rise of water temperature in 1998, which caused a diffused mortality in corals) as well as the tsunami that hit the southeast in 2004; with special focus of the location and the assessment of underwater caves. 
Researchers recently discovered the deepest underwater karst cave in the Maldives: a real Blue Hole, similar to those in Bahamas. 
The scientific cruise is therefore an opportunity to match the ever-fascinating dives in the Maldivian sea, together with special dives dedicated to the study and understanding of tropical ecology.
The itineraries are similar to our usual diving cruises and the participation in these "scientific activities" is entirely free. 
On board of our yacht or on a white sandy beach, together with the marine experts, it will be an exciting adventure to learn new ‘secrets’ of this amazing underwater world and to discover the perfect complexity of the phenomena that characterize the dynamics of these environment.


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