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On the Northeast side Sudan faces the Red Sea. The coast and the coral reefs are fascinating, still untouched, and most of all,less visited than the Egyptian ones. Sudan is one of the most surprising and mysterious scuba destinations in the Northern hemisphere. Still to be partly discovered, these beautiful waters are ideal for those who are looking for new adventures and for exciting close encounters with big pelagic: grey sharks, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, barracudas, jack fish, turtles etc.
Dive sites like Sanganeb, Sha’abSuedi, Angarosh and Sha’ab Rumi with the famous wreck of the Continental Shelf Station Two or Conshelf Two, evoke in those who has experienced them, wonderful and indelible memories.
ALBATROS TOP BOAT liveaboard cruises bring passionate divers and snorkellers to all the most beautiful dive sites, both on reefs as well as on wrecks, like the famous ‘Umbria’.
A trip in Sudan is for sure a unique experience; this country is full of history and of charm, which gives a hint of the amazing appeal of the big African continent.
It is much easier to reach Port Sudan nowadays. While a couple of years ago the only route was through Cairo with a local company, now there are flights via Dubai with Emirates,giving you the opportunity to stop over to visit on the way inor on the way back this unique Middle-East city which is a combination of a modern and dynamic business hub with an old arabhistorical city centre.
Once arrived in Port Sudan it takes only 15 minutes to reach the port by bus, where there will be all the Sudanese vessels waiting at the jetties; among them the ‘Felicidad II’, a 30m long charming Turkish caique ideal for a diving liveaboard cruise.
In Sudan the main vessel is used only as a ‘floating hotel’, since to reach all the dive sites only rubber boats are allowed to drive; no ships are allowed to anchor close to the dive sites in order to protect the environment and the reefs, which, for this reason and for the low number of ships in the area compared to other diving destinations, are still considered as intact and untouched.
Once on board of ‘Felicidad II’ the adventure starts! 
During the day you have the choice to go diving, to relax under the sun, or to drink an aperitif watching a stunning sunset with your friends.

The cruise lasts normally from Monday to Monday.
The best itineraries are suggested according to the period of the year.


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