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A magical and surprising country

Sudan is an Afro-Arab country of North Africa; it is bordered by Egypt to the North, Libya to the North-West, Eritrea and the Red Sea to the North-East, Ethiopia to the East, South Sudan to the South, Central African Republic to the South-West and Chad to the West.
The river Nile divides the country in two parts: the Western- and the Eastern side.
Sudan has a desert climate, very hot during summer, pleasant and moderate during spring and autumn and mild during wintertime.
The best underwater ‘encounters’ are during spring and autumn periods.
In Sudan, many people have both Arab and African ancestry and the culture is a mix of influences from the Nile region and from the Arabian Peninsula.
The majority of Sudan’s population is now Muslim (97%), belonging overwhelmingly to the Sunni branch, after the independence in July 2011 of the mainly Animist and Christian population of South Sudan.


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