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Socorro - Before departure

Visibility is very good, 10 meters on a bad day (and we will then move the dive site) and up to 40 meters. Very blue water. Current varies from none to medium. Water temperature: 28 degrees Celsius in November DR0Pping to 21 degrees Celsius in February and then rising to 25 degrees Celsius by May.
Beginner to intermediate. All dives are assisted by a divemaster. Skiff pick-ups are available on all dives. Descent and ascent line provided on all dives except at Roca Partida (wall diving).
Sometimes the seas during the crossing are flat calm. Occasionally (maybe once per season) we experience 3-meter seas. Average seas are 1.5 - 2 meters, which is no problem for the Nautilus Explorer especially if guests use the scopolamine patch. Most anchorages are sheltered and calm, but important to note that diving at Roca Partida is staged in open ocean - and each trip itinerary is planned around the best possible diving conditions at this amazing little pinnacle in the middle of nowhere in 11,000 feet of water.
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