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Maldives - Before departure

Documents: No entry visa is required for less than 30 days stay, extensions up to 3 months to be requested before arrival. Passport valid for at least six months from the return date.

Customs: Customs checks are extremely strict and the import of alcohol, meat and pork products, drugs, pornographic and religious material and underwater fishing spear guns is prohibited.

Health regulations: No vaccination is needed. Mosquito repellent suggested.

Language: Both Divehi and English are spoken.

Currency: Rufiyaa and USD   1$ = 15,42 Mrv

Local time: GMT time +5h. GMT/UTC

Telephone communication: Maldives international code +960. All tourist areas of the Maldives are covered by the GSM system.

What to wear: Cotton clothing, windcheater, swimming costume, hat and the essential sun glasses are advisable. We suggest sun protection cream.

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