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Diving in the Maldives is every diver’s dream and doing it from a comfortable cruise boat is undoubtedly the best way to ensure the best results with minimum effort. On our boats everything has been through to satisfy every requirement and, thanks to our long experience, your safari boat will always follow the best course which will guarantee the most beautiful diving experience at the best time.

At the Maldives there are two main seasons, the dry and the wet season; depending on the time of year and the weather, Albatros Top Boat’s boats 5ELECT the most suitable atolls and regions to find the best stretches of reef.
Dry season, north-eastern monsoon – from December to May. 
Wet season, south-western monsoon – from June to November. 
The best weather and the calmest waters are usually in the dry season; in the wet season there is the change of some storm developing and a slightly rough sea. As far as dives are concerned though the situation is more complex as the direction of tides must also be kept into account. The north-eastern monsoon (from December to May) pushes suspensions and nutrients in a south-western direction, whereas the south-western monsoon (from June to November) moves them in a north-eastern direction. For this reason, if you wish to swim with manta rays in the winter you should dive on the western side of the atoll, whereas in the summer manta rays are to be found on the eastern side. If on the other hand you prefer calm, crystal-clear waters where you can for example take spectacular photographs, you’ll need to do exactly the opposite.
The Maldives is the only place on earth where the yachts are followed by DIvING DHONI (18 or 20 meters local boat) which is used for diving and all sea activities.
Generator and electric compressors onboard.

Albatros Top Boat  is among few operators to offer an on-site care program for all diving equipment. Qualified staff is in charge of the on-going inspection and maintenance of diving equipment and technical instruments for the divers security.
On our boats we have qualified staff with multi-year experience on the field allowing safe and relaxing conditions for diving and snorkelling.

• Emergency Plan
• Mobile Phone
• Radio vHF
• Crew survelliance 24/24 h
• Medical O2 / First Aid
• Nautilus Life Line vHS
Radio w/GPS for Diving
All the instructors and dive masters are European /Maldivian, PADI certified and feature a lifetime experience in the Maldives.
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