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Maldives - Thematic Cruises - NIGHT DIVE

Discover Maldivian nights on a special 8 days and 7 nights diving getaway highlighting the best of what Albatros Top Boat  has to offer.  
This unique experience has been specially curated by the experienced team of Albatros Top Boat  to feature a different dive every night.
First, a tour of the Central Atolls of the Archipelago to reveal the most enchanting sites for night diving where you can watch countless numbers of fish sleeping, predators in action and the smaller but nonetheless fascinating nudibranchs and crinoids.  Our “Night Tour” will leave from Malè, the capitol of the North Male Atoll towards the beautiful central Atolls (North & South Male, Ari and Felidhoo) offering diverse diving and snorkeling sites.  Some of the diverse underwater scenery include pinnacles, reefs and channels where, in between dives, you’ll also have the opportunity to relax on a sand bank or wander the quiet narrow streets of our local islands.

Night dives, taking place either before or after dinner, do not require any particular experience.  They follow inners reefs or around seamounts and, in case of weak current, even along the channels where night activity can be much more intense.  Cruising throughout the Atolls allows for close encounters with creatures not frequently observed such as nurse sharks, dolphins and whale sharks.  
Along the route there will be chances to dive MAYA THILA and/or ANGOTHI THILA at depths ranging between 15 and 80 ft where you’re almost guaranteed to encounter grey reef sharks along with a multitude of other underwater dwellers like sting rays, jacks, eels, trevalleys, turtles, octopi and white tip sharks.We’ll DR0P anchor in the lagoon of FESDHOO where during the night hours manta rays usually gather below the boat to feed on plankton.  These large animals put on a spectacular acrobatic display while feeding, showing their big white bellies and spread fins to the surface while in the midst of incredible somersaults.  Enjoy a specially coreographed 40-45 foot dive to the sandy bottom where lightbeams are shone into the waters to encourage the manta rays to “dance” around the divers for your delight.  Some nights you may also be joined by nurse sharks and sting rays. 

Holding ourselves to highest standards, we have included two more incredible night dive sites you won’t want to miss, ranging in depth between 32 and 82 feet.  The first, at FISH HEAD, is densely populated with white tip sharks, turtles, eels, jacks and trevalleys hunting sponge craps and sting rays.  The third, MOOFU REEF (3-65 feet depths) where you can explore all the caves and crevaces that give shelter to many fish for the night.
We then enter the Atoll of Felidhoo, the one spot you definitely should not miss.  It is the most quintessential night dive (ranging from 10 to 50 feet) in the ALIMATHA channel allowing for a close and emotional encounter with an astonishing number of nurse sharks that swim placidly around drivers.  For those who are new to diving in such an environment this will provide a delightful adrenaline rush not just because of nurse sharks but also the black tip sharks, sting rays, lion fish and many other species .  Even a snorkeling experience will be equally thrilling as a descent blow the surface.

Our final destination before returning to the Capital is in the South Male Atoll.  KUDA GIRI Reef with its shipwreck on one side and colourful caves on the other is the ultimate finale.  
This cruise will offer you the full range of Albatros’ established tours and dives.  Regular daytime diving will be conducted during optimal weather and current conditions to give you the best chance of encountering wildlife along with regular excursions to the whitest sand banks and deserted islands, including a formal dinner on the beach under a starry sky.  You may also experience fishermen island tours, guided snorkeling experiences, kayak rides and an interesting visit to the Capital Malè.
Our yachts, the Conte Max and Duke of York, are great places to relax with our onboard spa therapists and their ayurvedic massages. 

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